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Nautracom Nautracom BV Company Profile

Nautracom BV ® is a supplier of aluminum - copper - and steel roof and wall claddings. The program includes: roof tile sheets, roofing sheets, wall sheets, dove tailed sheets, roof tile elements, sandwich panels, screws, fittings, and so on.
Actually, everything needed to panels and accessories for building a complete manner. From 3 september 2007 a completely different product range was added: Stone sinks and wash bowls of marble, onyx, granite, limestone and sandstone.

Nautracom: steel / stone / strong!

Nautracom B.V. has been active since 1981 as an importer of steel - and aluminum sheets. Partly because of this, we can boast years of experience in the supply of that materials. Nautracom B.V. also sold roof tiled sheets since 1983. A product from Scandinavia that we introduced on the Dutch market ago.

Experience you as a customer can benefit from.

Both Nautracom B.V. as our suppliers have high quality in the hospitality. This is important for us than just a low price on the market with a lesser quality. Price breakers we are not. This striving for better quality products is partly reflected in the choice of the base, the coating and certain minimum thicknesses to a good product to be able to deliver that after many years still neatly assists.
This is also reflected in the guarantees. No thick books with all lowercase letters, creating a de facto guarantee after the delivery is no longer valid, but a simple A-4 sized page is enough for a good product, if they are found something went wrong.

Also in the phase before the construction begins can Nautracom BV already have been helpful. Through cooperation with the manufacturers and their technical departments can be on any one question appropriate answer. There are sign - and calculation programms for the various products that simplify work and so a lot of time and cost savings. On our site you can most information such as assembly rules, data sheet also etc view or download.

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